Understand Your Custom-made Watch Strap


Read this topic to understand all measurements of your strap.

To select the right leather type, pattern, color and thickness … for your custom-made watch strap.


1. Color and leather type.

Depending on your watch and your style to choose the correct leather type for your watch.

Here are some recommendations to pick leather type:

-Classic, vintage watch and dress watch : Crocodile, ostrich with smooth pattern, lizard skin and calfskin …

-Diver or large watch case : Crocodile, python, ostrich leg, ostrich quill and calfskin…


2. Leather pattern.
Each skin type available different scales pattern to make the watch strap so depending on your style to choose the right leather pattern for your strap.

Here are some examples :

Crocodile square scales.

DSC03874 (FILEminimizer) | by Ziczac Leather

Crocodile round scales.

DSC03895 (FILEminimizer) | by Ziczac Leather

Ostrich quill.

DSC05977 (FILEminimizer) | by Ziczac Leather

Ostrich belly smooth pattern.

DSC05286 (FILEminimizer) | by Ziczac Leather


3. Size.

– You must need to know the size of your watch strap or use the ruler to measurement the watch lug then buy the right size for your straps.

– Here are some guides to use for different watch straps:

* Check the size of your watch lug and the length of strap.

* Shape of the tail end.

4. Stitching color.

Just choose your favorite color.


5. Padding and thickness.

– Padding means your strap will have 1 more layer at the middle of strap to make the thickness near the watch lug is thicker. The padding usually will go to half of strap then taper down thinner.

For exp : 4-2.5mm means 4mm thickness near watch lug and taper down thinner 2.5mm at the tip.

DSC04467 (FILEminimizer) | by Ziczac Leather

– Uniform thickness means your strap will look flat with the thickness from watch lug to the tail end will be the same.

P1880745 (FILEminimizer) | by Ziczac Leather


6. Length.

Depending your wrist size to choose correct length.

Here are standard Ziczac’s length size chart.

For perfect fit we will make a topic with the video show to you how to calculate it.


7. Spring bar.

The default strap will come with normal spring bar.

But for easy change you can select QRSB(quick release spring bar) to do it quicker than the standard one.


8. Buckle.

The default strap will NOT come with buckle.

So if you want a buckle please choose option Free standard buckle.


9. Keeper.

There are many names for this part such as : keeper, leather loop, leather ring…

It is 2 leather keepers attached to the short part.

– For tang buckle you will need it 100%.

– Some of deployment clasp will need this part such as butterfly clasp , AP deployment clasp, IWC deployment clasp…

– And here are some clasp types that don’t require keeper to use : Cartier deployment clasp, Maurice Lacroix clasp. Tag Heuer clasp, Breitling clasp …

So make sure you choose the correct keeper for your strap.


10. Personalisation.

We are using hot stamp to stamp your personal words at the back of strap

The maximum words are10 characters but the best will be from 2-6 characters


Finally if you have any question or concern just email us at hello@ziczacleather.com

or Whatsapp : +84 923443100


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